Who do I contact?

If you wish to contact the Gordon Lodge or any of its brethren you should email the lodge secretary ( He will redirect your request to the relevent party.

If you have an enquiry regarding Gordon Lodge LOI you should email the lodge mentor (

If you have a need to speak to the lodge almoner you can contact him at

If you wish to contact Gordon Chapter you should email the chapter representative (

If you have a problem or comment about this website you can contact the webmaster (

Where is the Gordon Lodge?

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I would like to explore joining the Gordon Lodge

Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. Founded on the three great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. It aims to bring together men of goodwill, regardless of background and differences.

Becoming a Freemason is not as hard as many people think. The only essential qualifications for a potential candidate is that he has a belief in a Supreme Being, is over 21 years of age and has a good sense of moral duty. Candidates may be 18 to 21 years of age in extreme situations, however this is not common practice.

If you wish to talk to someone about becoming a Freemason, please complete the form below. You are not commiting to anything and can choose not to have any further contact at any time if that's your wish.

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Gordon Lodge Consecrated 1878            in the province of Sussex