Craft Meetings

We meet in Canada Grove, Bognor Regis, West Sussex eight times a year on the first Wednesday in September, October, November, December(White Table), February, March, April(past Masters Night) and May, which is our Installation evening where the the new Worshipful Master and his new officers are installed. Every meeting is followed by the Festive Board where we can all enjoy good food, good wine and great company. Meetings start at 16.30 for the installation and 17.30 for regular meetings. After which brethren have a drink at the bar downstairs before the Festive Board starts around 19:45.

If you wish to join us for a craft meeting, please contact the lodge Secretary from the contacts page. Please note these are our normal meeting times and they can vary. If you are interested in attending a meeting please confirm the starting time before making any travel arrangements.

Royal Arch Chapter Meetings

The Gordon Chapter holds four meetings a year at the Gordon Centre, Canada Grove, Bognor Regis on the third Wednesday in February, April (Inst), October and the second Wednesday in December.

If you wish to join us for a chapter meeting, please contact the lodge chapter representative from the contacts page.

Lodge of Instruction

The Lodge of Instruction meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 19.30 at which brethren learn and rehearse the ceremonies required during regular lodge meetings. They take place either in the temple or in a practice room adjoining the lodge dependant on the other lodges that share the premises.

Masons from other lodges are welcome to attend the Lodge of Instruction having first contacted either the Gordon Lodge Secretary or Mentor.

General Purposes Committee

The G.P.C. meets seven times a year on the first Thursday in September, the second Thursday after craft lodge meetings in October, November, January, February, March and April.

To see this years Gordon Lodge meeting dates click here.

Gordon Lodge Consecrated 1878            in the province of Sussex